Our Family

We are a group of fun-loving people, committed to serving and empowering the NUS community. We are driven by the same vision and the same belief.

An irreplaceable togetherness: Our Family is a little world created by a bond of friendship

We call ourselves a family, because we essentially are one, apart from the fact that we don’t have a HDB flat and a family car. We compensate that by having our own YIH centre, located strategically near a toilet, a water dispenser, a 7 Eleven, and we have the Kent Ridge MRT station nearby!

In every semester, we have a few welfare events to bring all our family members together and have fun. We believe that varsity life should not be only about chiong-ing and getting good grades, it is also about building ever-lasting friendships! Our long history of lovely relationships stemming from NUSSU commIT is a testament to that.

We have our own orientation event, cooking event, talent event, photo-taking sessions, and sports event. After a long year of working hard together, we round it all up with our NUSSU commIT Appreciation Dinner where we will perform to each other by cells, have great food and say farewell to each other as we embark onto another year, knowing that, we will never walk alone once we are a part of the NUSSU commIT family.

Interested and want to be a part of this family? Come join us at our recruitment events!