charITeach 2021

NUSSU commIT strongly believes that knowledge is meant to be shared. Stemming from that belief, we initiated charITeach in April 2013. charITeach is a combination of IT training and charity work, hence the name, providing the participants with an opportunity to learn and contribute to the society at the same time.

What is charITeach?

charITeach aims to extend a helping hand to underprivileged children in Singapore through the teaching of IT skills. For the past 5 years, charITeach has been providing Adobe Photoshop training. However, starting from 2019, charITeach provides training for programming using Scratch - a visual programming platform developed by MIT. With the recent development in technology, computational thinking has become an increasingly important skill in today’s working world. It is definitely of great benefit that programming ideas are introduced to children at an early age.

About charITeach 2021

Due to COVID 19 restrictions, we have decided to bring our event directly to our beneficiaries! charITeach 2021 will be a 2 day event, Volunteer Training on Saturday, 20 March 2021, 0800 – 1730 and Beneficiary Invitation (or Volunteer Excursion) on Saturday, 27 March 2021, 0830 – 1830.

During Volunteer Training, passionate volunteers across NUS will be trained on Scratch by professional trainers from Code For Asia and the members of NUSSU commIT training cells. Past organisers and volunteers from charITeach will also teach out volunteers how to interact with and maximise their interactions with our beneficiaries.

During Beneficiary Invitation, our volunteers and organisers will be heading out to our beneficiaries’ place for a fun-filled day of learning and games and activities. The children will learn how to code using Scratch, and then build their own project using the skills they just learned.

The charITeach 2021 organising team hopes to continue the mission of charITeach and its nine-year legacy and provide valuable knowledge to both our volunteers and our beneficiaries, as an extension to NUSSU commIT’s own mission.

If you are inspired by our mission and would like to join us as a volunteer, sign up with us via the following link:

Our event will not be possible without the support of our valuable sponsors. If your organisation would like to help us with our event and take advantage of our various perks, reach out to our marketing team at

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