charITeach 2019

NUSSU commIT strongly believes that knowledge is meant to be shared. Stemming from that belief, we initiated charITeach in April 2013. charITeach is a combination of IT training and charity work, hence the name, providing the participants with an opportunity to learn and contribute to the society at the same time.

What is charITeach?

charITeach aims to extend a helping hand to underprivileged children in Singapore through the teaching of IT skills. For the past 5 years, charITeach has been providing Adobe Photoshop training. However, this year will mark the first year that charITeach will provide training for programming using Scratch. With the recent development in technology, computational thinking has become an increasingly important skill in today’s working world and it is definitely of great benefits that programming ideas are introduced to children at an early age.

About charITeach 2019

charITeach 2019 is a two-day event, consisting of Volunteer Training on Saturday, 23 March 2019 and Beneficiaries Invitation on Saturday, 30 March 2019.

During Volunteer Training, the volunteers will be given free Scratch training conducted by a professional training company, Code For Asia, in conjunction with the training division of NUSSU commIT. This event serves two purposes: to achieve NUSSU commIT’s aim of providing IT training to the NUS society, as well as to equip the volunteers with the necessary skills to help the beneficiaries during Beneficiaries Invitation.

During Beneficiaries Invitation, students from various beneficiaries around Singapore will be invited to the NUS campus for a fun introductory course to programming using Scratch conducted by the NUS volunteers. The course will last about 4 hours, with 3 hours of training and 1 hour of competition, where students can develop a prototype of a software using Scratch.

We hope that through this event, we can become the impetus, the catalyst to a knowledge-sharing community in NUS. charITeach is a meaningful project bound to provide both the participants and beneficiaries a fulfilling experience.

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