CREATION is one of NUSSU commIT’s annual flagship events, a digital design competition open to all NUS students. CREATION hopes to provide a platform for NUS students to pursue their artistic passion and foster their design skills by tackling real-world problem statements. Visit for more information!

CREATION 2023: Expressing Emotions Through Art!

CREATION 2023 aims to push the boundaries of students to do more than the ordinary. We believe in the power of art in changing people’s minds and we hope that the artworks produced through our competition will inspire people to change.

We are planning to collaborate with companies, NUS offices, and NUSSU committees to set up problem statements for participants to design. The problem statements can be in the form of designing posters, seasonal greetings, t-shirt design, and other publicity collaterals. Additionally, we will organize free workshops to help you hone your skills before the competition itself. You could win attractive prizes too!


This timeline is tentative, and may be subject to future changes.

You will have around five weeks to design for any problem statements that you are interested in. Throughout these weeks, we will host a series of free workshops (Basic Photoshop Workshop, Advanced Photoshop Workshop and Basic Illustrator Workshop) that you can attend, so don’t worry if you are not confident with your current design skills! At the end of the competition, you will be invited to attend our closing ceremony, where you can pitch your designs to our partners.


In the last CREATION, we partnered with NUSSU Welfare, NUS Development Office, and NUS Enterprise to host three problem statements:

  • Designing Welfare Diary for NUS students
  • Designing key visual for NUS Commencement Class Giving 2022
  • Designing promotional poster for NUS Overseas College (NOC)

Winning designs were awarded amazing prizes such as Apple iPad and Nintendo Switch.

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Visit for more information! See you in CREATION 2023!